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Our solutions are tailor made to solve challenges such as low pass rates, quality of education, as well as the lack workplace exposure.

Who // Are We

Professional Expert Specialist in the provision & Training of Chartered Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Management Services across all different business spectrum..

Mission // Vision

Our aim is to become a global leader in developing effective educational technologies and strategies that will be effective.

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Get familiar with our diverse custom tailored Occupational Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental Management Training courses including but not limited to SHE Training Courses, plus services/products offering, specifically designed with the aim & objective of providing solutions for all our clients business & personal need across all business spectrum.

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GENNDA™ offers a Comprehensive wide range of Occupational Health & Safety Services/Products tailored specifically with an objective of providing all our clients personally & business needs or requirements across all industry spectrum.

We train your staff (junior, management, supervisor) employees specifically to be competent & capable practitioners of all: Occupational Health & Safety policies/principles/regulation in the workplace.
    Salad Bowl Menu Offering Services & Products Featured:
  • SHEQ Consulting
  • GENNDA™ Auditing Services
  • Training & Consulting Services
  • Integrated Management System
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Policies
  • Emergency Disaster Planning

Training Course // Menu

GENNDA™ Salad Bowl Offering: [Catalogues all its entire vast different Occupational Health & Safety Services, Products & Training Courses] which is specifically with intent tailored for all our clients personal or business needs/requirement across all industries or spectrum.
GENNDA™ values all our clients customer experience, so we always will attempt to Make it easy... through Innovation & Interactive agile correspondence methods, in an attempt to make all GENNDA™ Occupational Health & Safety Services, Products & Training Courses are accessible to all public users using different devices or platforms.

  • First Aid Training Course
  • Workplace SHE Inspection
  • Contract Safety Management
  • Construction & Demolition Safety
  • Contractor Safety Management
  • Job Safety Analysis Course (JSI)

Salad Bowl // Menu Offering

  • SHEQ Consulting
  • Auditing Services
  • Training & Consulting Services
  • Integrated Management System
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Policies
  • Emergency Disaster Planning
  • Management SHE Couching Course
  • Workplace SHE Inspection
  • First Aid Training Course
  • Emergency & Fire Fighting Course
  • Comprehensive Guide on the COID ACT


  • Emergency Disaster Planning
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Training & Consulting Services
  • Contractor Programs
  • Training & Developmental Courses
  • Emergency Disaster Planning
  • First Aid
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Policies
  • Health & Safety Rules

GENNDA™ Offers // Occupational Health & Safety Products

What GENNDA™ Offers, any or all their current clients, potential new clients & Business Partners is: a complete range of consulting services/products, planning - including design, implementation and review of business processes. Our activities include the following areas of occupational risk management.

GENNDA™ Main // Areas of Activity

GENNDA™ Main Areas of Activities include but not limited the following Areas of Occupational Risk Management Below:

Check it out. We know you will it...
  • Occupational Safety
  • Occupational Health
  • Quality Management
  • Employee Wellness & HIV in the Workplace and
  • Food Safety Management

GENNDA™ Auditing // Services

We provide a huge range of services from legal compliance audits to integrated safety, health and environmental audits. GENNDA™ provides Auditing Services on any of the following systems/standards.

  • OHS Act Legal compliance Audits
  • Integrated SHEQ Audits
  • ISO 2200 (Food Safety Management) Audits
  • OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety) Audits
  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management) Audits

GENNDA™ SHEQ // Consulting

GENNDA™ offers a complete wide diverse range of Occupational Health & Safety Consulting Services, Planning: - including design, implementation and review of business processes

  • Diagnostic Review / Situational Assessment
  • Review of SHEQ competencies / training needs
  • Risk Assessments
  • Gap analysis
  • Due diligence audits
  • Management System Development and Implementation
  • Management System optimisation
  • Management System Integration
  • Capacity Building
  • Performance Reporting
  • Monitoring of environmental stressors
  • SHEQ legal services
  • Incident/Accident Investigations

Some other examples of our consultation services include, Assisting with designing and compilation of SHEQ policies and statements.

  • Assisting with designing and compilation of SHEQ policies and statements
  • Assistance with writing the procedures as per the ISO/OHSAS standard requirements
  • Assistance with systems implementation and GAP analyses.
  • Conducting training-needs-analysis
  • Sourcing SHEQ personnel as per the requirements of the client (permanen t positions)
  • Sourcing contractor personnel as per the requirements of the client (temporary positions)
  • Circulating a SHEQ newsletter to clients on a monthly basis
  • Verification of legal appointments
  • Appointment documents
  • Performing Risk Assessments
  • Performing basic training awareness for all employees in the organization
  • Contractor audits, documentation review and training

We provide professional assistance in the management of occupational risks and implementation of proven safety methods and best practice to deal with the risks inherent with a wide range of different industrial operations. We have well experienced and skilled consulting experts in the following industry areas.

  1. Small Business

    Advice and guidance, free workplace consultations. Develop and implement comprehensive OHS programmes, provision of development training courses.
  2. Medium to Heavy Infrastructural Works

    Consulting, Training, co-ordination of SHEQ capital projects and trouble shooting. Our operating model is one which is driven by our willingness and ability to serve our clients as they implement programmes that are aimed at ensuring a risk free work environment. Manufacturing and services.
  3. Building & Construction

    The building and construction industry is a unique and complex industry, characterised by diverse and high risk activities and complex work arrangements. GENNDA™ comes handy in facilitating the safety planning, risk assessments and safety reviews on site including daily inspections, Planned Job Observations and periodic safety audits.
  4. Public Sector

    Major public institutions including national and provincial governments, Councils, State-owned enterprises and local government institutions.
  5. Mining

    Key professional and technological advice to minimise and manage risk exposure which is characterised by high fatality rates with diverse and high risk activities under complex and hazardous work arrangements.
  6. Child Care

    CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and immunisation for people working in child care.
  7. Electrical

    Key information for the electrical industry including licensing, exclusion zones, working de-energised and working live.
  8. Health & Community Services

    The hairdressing, nail and beauty industry, manual tasks - involving handling of people.
  9. Hospitality & Entertainment

    The hospitality and entertainment industry covers a large number of workplaces that provide services like accommodation, meals and drinks as well as theme parks and music.
  10. Transportation

    Guidance These include: Road transportation; Civil aviation; Marine; Railway; assist employers in meeting their legal obligations as well as best practice.
  11. Manufacturing

    Abrasive blasting, forklift trucks, foundry, radio frequency generating plant, spray painting, welding and engineering operations. Conducting GAP analysis audits and risk assessment reviews.
  12. Recreation & Sport

    The recreation and sports industries including a variety of different workplaces.
  13. Retail & Wholesale

    Forklift trucks, meat retail industry, personnel health and safety in the retail industry.
  14. Rural

    Tractor safety, rural chemicals, rural plant, sun safety and heat stress.
  15. Transport & Storage

    Cash in transit, forklifts trucks, fatigue, noise, risk management, sun safety and heat stress, safe concrete pumping.

GENNDA™ SHEQ // Divisions

GENNDA™ Divisions are categorised into sub-divisions focusing on the following speciality areas:

  • Mining operations
  • Construction & Property Development
  • Transportation – (Railway, Civil aviation, Road Transportation, Marine)
  • Petrochemical
  • Industrial – (Manufacturing & Services Industries)
  • Agricultural
  • Food processing
  • Facilities Management
  • Offices/Commercial

These are coordinated by competent and highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field of occupational health and safety Management. We have specialists in five categories of our Occupational Risk Management portfolios each with over 22 years hands-on experience in medium to heavy industries.

GENNDA™ established to fulfil and exceed the expectations and requirements of the legislation in any African country: - our main aim is to provide quality and superior service excellence to the business community of a world class standard surpassed by none.

  • Occupational Safety
  • Occupational Health
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality Management
  • Employee Wellness (Employee Assistance Programs) HIV and Aids

GENNDA™ Programmes are so designed to par with only the best in the world. Based on an aggressive approach of assisting and supporting a wide spectrum of business types and institutions with the world’s best practices - and dependent upon the risk profiles of each of our clients in line with the current OHS legislations.

GENNDA™ offers an even wider range of Occupational Risk Management services which include specialised SHEQ training, consulting across all aspects of Risk Management functions and provision of products that are designed to ensure compliance to all relevant existing legislations and world operating standards, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 requirements.

GENNDA™ Risk // Assessment Services

3rd About GENNDA™ Safety Image

Every employer is under a statutory duty to arrange for a "competent person" to assess all risks arising at the workplace, or created by work activities.Some risks are of a general nature, but others will need to be considered against more specialised legislation.

Our skilled practitioner will carry out risk assessments on your premises. Our assessment may take the form of a general risk review, or may involve a more detailed analysis of a specific hazard depending on the complexity of your operations.

3rd About GENNDA™ Safety Image

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

The fire risk assessment should consider the means of raising the alarm, arrangements for safe evacuation, fire safety equipment and sign-age.

GENNDA™ Emergency Disaster // Planning & Response Plans

Plan ahead to keep things running during and after disasters?

GENNDA™ Emergency Management Safety Image
Emergency Management is defined as "a process to reduce loss of life and property and to protect assets from all types of hazards through a comprehensive, risk-based, emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery." An Emergency Plan is simply documentation of the elements in the program.
4th About GENNDA™ Safety Image
A comprehensive emergency management program encompasses all hazards and all related planning areas including emergency and disaster planning and preparedness, hazard identification and mitigation, emergency response, disaster recovery, business continuity and resumption, crisis management, continuity of operations, and related areas. Good emergency management is required for day-to-day Disruptions as well as managing response to and recovery from disasters. A sound program is needed to enable a business to deal with any emergency.

GENNDA™ Service // Products Delivery Methods

GENNDA™ offers three (3) main flexible services, corresponding to what industry experts have identified as the primary opportunities in SHEQ Training & consulting services.

Daily (Temporary Professional Aid)

The less traditional sort of short term assignment helping a company solve a occupational risk problem (trouble shooting) or any other related problem. This Includes both emergency and non-emergency professional assistance.

Retainer (Specific Skill)

The more traditional form of consulting, including regular programme development, Risk Assessments, consulting, training, auditing and assisting. This is our CEO's specialist domain and he currently boasts of 24 years hands-on experience in heavy industrial Risk Management Programmes.

Project (Bail-out or Specific Skill)

This will include such things as consulting on construction projects, Risk assessments, Inspections, plant commissioning etc... and major disaster recovery incidents.

The largest area is in Occupational Health and Safety Management, the second largest area:

hazards image

(a) Temporary Professional Aid

Short term assignments finding solutions for businesses - this is noted as the largest market.

petrol pumps image

(b)Specific Skill

  • Integration
  • Legislative compliance
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Risk Management Quality
  • Environmental Management
  • Behavioural Engineering Management
  • Contractor Client Management
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Customisation Implementation
  • Development
  • Bail-Out (Trouble shooting)

GENNDA™ Standard Consulting // Package for New Clients

We offer the following 10 step program to assist a new organisation in setting out and implementing a comprehensive occupational risk control programme in the shortest possible time.

  • Phase One:

    Consultation with organisation to determine the scope of operation.
  • Phase Two:

    Completion of baseline information by organisation.
  • Phase Three:

    Baseline audit to familiarise our consulting professionals with the processes and current status of existing programmes in the organisation.
  • Phase Four:

    Assisting with minimum legal compliance and appointments as required by legislation.
  • Phase Five:

    Proposal of minimum legal Compliance training and Relevant courses
  • Phase Six:

    Personnel Training
  • Phase Seven:

    Internal audit by our specialists in Each of the SHEQ respective Fields
  • Phase Eight:

    Feedback & Audit reports
  • Phase Nine:

    Follow up consultation to ensure complete and effective implementation Process
  • Phase Ten:

    External Audit & Systems Review

GENNDA™ Services // Products Packages

GENNDA™ offers office businesses a comprehensive package largely dependant upon the operations involved. We are a reliable source of professional help for all client sizes.

   We are on call 24/7

  • GENNDA™ offers three main services – Daily professional Aid, Retainer contracts for specific skills & programs, and Project consulting.
  • GENNDA™ also provides some basic sales literature that bears your organization's logo and stationary, as well as brochures. We are currently developing our web page where details of all our services will be posted.
  • Services satisfaction is synonymous with GENNDA™ vision of being the service provider of choice.
  • Professionalism is obviously a critical component of this business:
    It will be important to stay up to date on both latest technology and up to date knowledge in the field of Occupational Risk Management to remain and stay at the top of our current world leadership race now going forward.

GENNDA™ Value Added // Services & Training Courses

An Ongoing // Partnership

We are prepared to offer our services on a more structured "Trainer of choice" basis, resulting in extensive savings for your company? We will be willing to discuss offering our services on a half yearly or annual basis with the costs involved spread on a retainer basis.

Why not discuss the details of a training partnership?

This service would include any or all of the following – Management consulting, mentor-ship & coaching, facilitation and conducting workshops. I would like an opportunity of meeting to discuss your specific training needs and what we have to offer and at the same time to establish a possible way forward. This would be without obligation and is intended to give me an opportunity of introducing myself and affording you an opportunity of getting to know me.

How can you deal with someone you do not know?