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Here are the services we offer...

    • 1 Our Services
      1. Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Consulting services
      2. Health and Safety Specifications
      3. Health and Safety Plans
      4. Environmental Management Plans
      5. Quality Management Control Plans
      6. Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments
      7. Food safety services
      8. Compliance Audits: OHSAct, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 22000
      9. Accident/Incident Investigations
      10. Emergency Preparedness Plans
      11. Health and Safety Policy development
      12. Construction Site First Aid
      13. Periodic Workplace Inspections
      14. Contractor Management
      15. Safety File development
      16. Tool Box Talks
      17. Health & Safety Policy Statements
      18. Health, Safety and Environmental Management Training
    • 2 Our SHERQ Consulting Divisions
      Our Divisions are categorised into sub-divisions focusing on the following specialty areas:
      1. Mining
      2. Construction and Property Development
      3. Transportation – (Railway, Civil aviation, Road Transportation, Marine)
      4. Petrochemical Industry
      5. Industrial – (Manufacturing and Services Industries)
      6. Agricultural
      7. Food processing
      8. Public sector/Provincial and Local governments
      9. Facilities Management
      10. Offices/Commercial
      11. Retail and Leisure Industries
      12. Nature Conservation
      13. Tourism
      14. Financial Institutions
      15. These are coordinated by competent and highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field of occupational health and safety Management. We have specialists in five categories of our Occupational Risk Management portfolios each with over 22 years hands-on experience in medium to heavy industries. Our portfolios are as follows:
      16. Occupational Safety
      17. Occupational Health
      18. Environmental Management
      19. Quality Management
      20. Employee Wellness (Employee Assistance Programs) HIV and Aids in the workplace

      21. GENNDA Programs are so designed to par with only the best in the world. Based on an aggressive approach of assisting and supporting a wide spectrum of business types and institutions with the world’s best practices - and dependent upon the risk profiles of each of our clients in line with the current OHS legislations, Gennda offers an even wider range of Occupational Risk Management services which include specialised SHERQ training, consulting across all aspects of Risk Management functions and provision of products that are designed to ensure compliance to all relevant existing legislations and world operating standards, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 requirements.

        GENNDA established to fulfill and exceed the expectations and requirements of the legislation in any African country - our main aim is to provide quality and superior service excellence to the business community of a world class standard surpassed by none.

    • Our audits will show exactly how you measure up to legal requirements, and whether your performance is up to standard. It will act as a benchmark from which you can form a health, safety and environmental plan.

      Safety, Health & Environmental
      Audits & Policies

      We offer a full Safety, Health and Environmental Audit Service. Our Safety, Health and Environmental Audits includes a FREE Safety, Health and Environmental Risk Assessment Training Workshop (for as many delegates as you wish) and a FREE risk assessments to give you a head start towards legal compliance. The workshop teaches individuals how to carry out their own risk assessments enabling you to have plenty of assessors available to complete future work.

      Our Safety, Health and Environmental Audit considers all facets of your safety ,health and Environmental management system providing a pre-control risk assessment, a summary of necessary actions/controls required, followed by a post action/control projected risk rate. Quite simply we raise the issues then provide a detailed solution on a facet by facet basis on how to resolve any points that we find that may require attention.

      Our auditors will examine your own management policies and procedures for securing health, safety and environment. This is supported by a tour of inspection which will help identify areas where new policies are needed, and where existing procedures are not working effectively in practice.

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      Every employer is under a statutory duty to arrange for a "competent person" to assess all risks arising at the workplace, or created by work activities. Some risks are of a general nature, but others will need to be considered against more specialised legislation.

      Our skilled practitioner will carry out risk assessments on your premises. Our assessment may take the form of a general risk review, or may involve a more detailed analysis of a specific hazard depending on the complexity of your operations.

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      The fire risk assessment should consider the means of raising the alarm, arrangements for safe evacuation, fire safety equipment and signage.

    • Emergency Disaster Planning & Response Plans

      Plan to keep things running during and after disasters?

      Emergency Management is defined as "a process to reduce loss of life and property and to protect assets from all types of hazards through a comprehensive, risk-based, emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery." An Emergency Plan is simply documentation of the elements in the program.

      A comprehensive emergency management program encompasses all hazards and all related planning areas including emergency and disaster planning and preparedness, hazard identification and mitigation, emergency response, disaster recovery, business continuity and resumption, crisis management, continuity of operations, and related areas. Good emergency management is required for day-to-day disruptions as well as managing response to and recovery from disasters. A sound program is needed to enable a business to deal with any emergency.

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      Health & safety regulations demands that a business with more than five employees must have a written health & safety policy and for this policy to be communicated to staff and visitors. We assist businesses in developing a compliant health & safety policy suitable for their work environment.
    • Effective Safety, Health & Environmental Management Systems generally have five key elements
    • Clear written policies
    • Effective organisation
    • Systematic planning
    • Performance measurement
    • Audit and review processes
    • Health & Safety (OHS) Occupational Health and Safety Act & Regulations
      Workplace Inspections & Accident Investigations
      Effective Joint Health And Safety Committee's
      OHS Committees
      Confined Entry Space Training
      Health & Safety Audits
      Health and Safety Program/Systems Development
      Safety Risk Assessments
      Industrial Equipment Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
      Battery Changing & Charging Training
      Train the Trainer, specific topics available
      Legislative Training & Management OHSAct; Coid Act; Accident Cost
      Incident Investigations
      Workers' Compensation Claims Management
      Employer Representation at claims Appeals and Hearings,
      Return to Work, Modified Work, Rehabilitation Programs
      Construction Health and Safety compliance programs
    • Contractor Management Programs
    • Fall Protection
    • Lead Protection
    • Lockout/Tag out
    • Confined Space
    • Chemical Safety Overview
    • Understanding MSDS
    • Chemical Labels
    • Hazardous Communication
    • Ergonomics
    • Risk Assessments
    • Health and Safety Inspections
    • Site Safety audits
    • Site Safety Monitoring
    • Contractor Induction
    • Contractor Documentation
    • Blood borne Pathogens

    • Professional Development Training
      Supervisory Skills
      • Basic Supervisory Skills
      • Conducting Successful Meetings
      • Effective Communication Skills
      • Interviewing Skills
      • Recruiting for all levels in the Organization
      • The OHSAct and Coid Act
      • Human Rights Act
      • Coaching/Counseling/Human Relations
      Performance Management
      • Change Management & Cultural Change
      • Dealing with Organizational Restructuring
      • Performance Appraisal Systems
      • Creating and validating competency profiles
      • Designing Individual competency levels
      • Develop and Prepare Job Descriptions
      Total Quality Management
      • Corporate Strategic Planning
      • Employee Involvement & Empowerment
      • Continuous Improvement
      • ISO 9000 / 14000
      • Team Building / Self Directed Work Teams / Problem Solving
      • Systems & Process Improvement
      • World-class Manufacturing Systems
    • Gennda SHERQ Training Courses
    • Our training courses are practical, hands on, learner centered and above all come at an affordable price
    • We are prepared to deliver our training courses nationally (we have sufficient and adequate resources to deliver on very large commercial scales)
    • We use only the well experienced trained and qualified facilitators, assessors and moderators within our organisation
    • We issue accredited Certificates on all our courses
    • Gennda has a special RPL wing with dedicated experienced and well trained staff
    • We offer public courses, seminars and/or workshops
    • An Ongoing Partnership

      We are prepared to offer our services on a more structured "Trainer of choice" basis, resulting in extensive savings for your company? We will be willing to discuss offering our services on a half yearly or annual basis with the costs involved spread on a retainer basis. Why not discuss the details of a training partnership?

      This service would include any or all of the following – Management consulting, mentoring and coaching, facilitation and conducting workshops. I would like an opportunity of meeting to discuss your specific training needs and what we have to offer and at the same time to establish a possible way forward. This would be without obligation and is intended to give me an opportunity of introducing myself and affording you an opportunity of getting to know me. How can you deal with someone you do not know?

    • Fall Protection General Construction Safety Legislation Compliance
      Lead Protection Construction Hazardous Activities Fire Drills
      Lockout/Tag out Managing Construction Activities Emergency Evacuations
      Confined Space Tool Box Talks Safety Accident – Re-runs
      Chemical Safety Overview Incident/Accident Investigations Power line Safety
      Understanding MSDS Site Safety Inspections Respirator Safety
      Chemical Labels Housekeeping Foot Safety
      Hazardous Communication Safety Meetings Eye Protection
      Ergonomics Safety Training Trouble Shooting
      Blood borne Pathogens Excavation Safety Consulting
      Risk Assessments Hand and Power Tools Training
      Health and Safety Inspections Construction Safety Tips Free Advice
      Site Safety audits Machine and Plant Safety New Employee Induction
      Site Safety Monitoring Slips, trips and Fall Prevention Emergency Disaster planning
      Contractor Induction Welding Safety Health and Safety Policy
      Contractor Documentation Hoist Safety OHS Legal Advice
      Health ,Safety and Quality Health & Safety Specifications Workplace Inspections
      Environmental Management Plans Health and Safety Files First Aid Provision on Site
      Incident/Accident Investigations Safety Officer – on-Site